Dr. Jeremiah Vondra
2400 West Van Dorn
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Dr. Jeremiah Vondra was born and raised in Milford, NE.  He earned a Bachelor of Science degree at Doane College in Crete, NE.  He continued his education at Kansas State University where he earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.  After graduating with distinction, he practiced small and large animal medicine at a local clinic in Crete for six years prior to starting his own practice.

Dr. Vondra has a compassion for animals and a love for people.  His gentle, caring spirit is reflected through his veterinary care.  He believes in treating people right, genuinely caring for pets, practicing quality medicine, and always being honest.  Family and deep Christian faith are the cornerstones of Dr. Vondra's life.

Outside of work, Dr. Vondra enjoys fishing, playing guitar, watching the weather and spending time with his wife, children, dog (Gizmo), cat (Hannah), and rabbit (Bunny Foo-Foo).

April Cech

Professional Experience:
Went to Southeast Community College and got a degree in Agricultural Business and Management and Technology with a Livestock focus

Worked in hog units:  breeding, birthing, and taking care of them (3 years)

Worked at horse training stables and boarding stables (2 years)

Worked with cattle for a number of years, working, breeding, and raising

One year of experience working at two vet clinics, working mostly with small animals

I have always loved animals, big or small.  I have worked with them my whole life.  I always wanted to be a vet but just decided on a vet assistant.

Animals are always so happy to see you and they just make your day brighter.  My Siberian Husky, Junior, acts so much like my kid it’s wonderful.  Pets large and small are all wonderful and caring all the time.

I love the outdoors!  Fishing, hunting, playing at the lake, working in my backyard, walking my dog, cycling, and horse back riding.

Sarah Houschild

I worked at Kennel Inn for 3 ˝ years – hiking, playing, grooming, and boarding dogs and cats.  I worked at Clocktower Animal Clinic for 2 years – being a vet assistant and receptionist.  Switched to Lothrop Animal Clinic because I moved and worked there for a year and a half – being a vet assistant – helped with boarding, grooming, and receptionist.  Then followed Jeremiah to Vondra Vet Clinic.

Since I was little, I have always had a passion for animals.  I always knew I wanted a job that deals with animals.  It interests me and keeps me happy everyday that I can work with other peoples pets and take care of them.

The best thing about animals is that they are always happy to see you.  They always want your love and attention.

My hobbies are cycling, walking, traveling, photography, fishing, hunting, and going to car shows.

Went to Waverly High School – didn’t go to college.





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O Lord! In wisdom you made them all; the earth is full of your creatures.  -Psalm 104:24

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